Apply now for your Inntaler fuel card!

Regular customers are rewarded with an Inntaler customer loyalty card

Customer loyalty should be rewarded. This is nothing new, and is applied in many fields. Some filling station operators see no advantage in this, and if they do, they usually award rebates in the form of points. The Inntaler Logistics Park customer loyalty card is different. Our customer loyalty card is an Inntaler filling station fuel card, which not only allows you to pay in a cash-free manner, but also saves you money at every refueling. Simply pay by invoice, which will be sent monthly. You can take advantage of the customer loyalty card discount right away from the very first liter purchased. Of course, all customers who refuel at the Inntaler filling station receive top brand fuel at sensationally low prices, but holders of our customer loyalty card will also receive an additional special discount. The Inntaler filling station fuel card rewards customers for their loyalty, just like they deserve!

A customer loyalty card for everyone

Whether for private use or business, anyone can apply for an Inntaler filling station customer loyalty card. It does not matter whether you have just one vehicle or an entire fleet. At the Inntaler filling station, every customer is king. Let us woo you! Apply for your customer loyalty card today, with no minimum sales required.

A pleasant bonus for business customers

in different places, and often one receipt or other goes missing. With the Inntaler Logistics Park fuel card, this is a problem of the past. All refueling operations are listed on one invoice. Thanks to our special discounts, you not only save money at the pump, but also on your tax return, as no documents are lost.  This way, your loyalty is rewarded twice over. Kufsteiner business customers in particular can benefit from our wide range of offers, as the Inntaler Logistics Park is located close to your business. Our Inntaler fuel card offers a multitude of benefits and discounts for your commercial vehicles and company cars.


Apply for a personal card

It is easy to have access to our special discounts. Simply fill out the form below and you will automatically receive an application in PDF format via e-mail. Fill out this form and the SEPA form, and once it has been signed and stamped by the bank, hand it in to us at the Inntaler Logistics Park. Alternatively, send it by e-mail. Your Inntaler fuel card can be sent to you by post, or collected in person. Your invoices will then be sent directly to you. It is as straightforward as that – that  is all there is to it. There is no easier way to save money.


Apply for a business card

Lower your fuel costs and simplify your accounting by ordering your customer loyalty card now. Quickly fill in the form below and click on the ‘send’ button. You will then receive an application in PDF format via e-mail. Send the completed and signed form, with a company stamp, back to Inntaler Logistics Park. Once your application has been authorized, our service team will get back to you quickly. This will save you money in the future, and only takes a few minutes, making it worth your while.